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Dallas Ley de Lesiones Personales Los Abogados Luchadores

By: Jimmy| Published: December 15, 2020 Slip and falls are common accidents that occur in North America. In terms of personal injury, these are non-criminal incidents. They are often caused by poorly maintained sidewalks, outdoor equipment, lack of warning signs, and other public areas. Many of these incidents cause bone fractures, muscle sprains, or different types of physical damage. To recover compensation for…Read More

By: Jimmy | Published: September 28, 2020 Medical Expenses Paid Vs Incurred You may find that trying to handle an insurance claim after an injury involves the medical expenses you incur. Texas state law says that you can only receive payments for paid and incurred medical costs. The concept of medical expenses paid and incurred can be a challenge to calculate. The…Read More

By: Jimmy | Published: August 23, 2020 What To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident In Texas Experiencing a slip and fall injury can be a troublesome concern. Still, you need to know what to do after getting injured. You may be entitled to a settlement for your case. Our team of Dallas personal injury attorneys can help you verify your case…Read More

By: Jimmy | Published: August 13, 2020 Texas Slip And Fall Accident Statute Of Limitations Every state has statute of limitations laws that regulate how long you have to file a claim. The claim must be submitted within that time, or you will not be able to submit anything. Texas has statute of limitations laws that surround many situations. The Texas Code…Read More

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