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By: Jimmy | Published: September 28, 2020

Medical Expenses Paid Vs Incurred

You may find that trying to handle an insurance claim after an injury involves the medical expenses you incur. Texas state law says that you can only receive payments for paid and incurred medical costs.

The concept of medical expenses paid and incurred can be a challenge to calculate. The two terms sound similar to each other, although there are a few different points about each.

You have to see how you are managing your expenses and plan what fits. You can ask one of our attorneys to help you in any situation, but you must first consider how you will handle the expenses you experience.

The General Rule

Texas state law says it will limit the claimant’s recovery for medical care to the amount paid or incurred. Expenses paid include what you have already paid and what you are trying to compensate through your insurance provider.

The medical expenses incurred are another story, as these costs involve many things:

  • The expenses incurred can be unpaid costs that someone must pay.
  • The charges incurred may be part of a payment program such as Medicare or Medicaid or any other assistance program for which you qualify.
  • Expenses that were paid by a hospital can also be part of your incurred costs.

In short, expenses paid are what you have already paid, while expenses incurred are expenses that someone else has covered or will eventually manage.

Totals may change based on what happens to your case. These expenses may increase in value depending on the treatment process.

An Example Of How This Works

Let’s look at an example of expenses paid and incurred. Suppose someone charged you $ 25,000 for services provided by emergency physicians after an injury. You may have received $ 10,000 paid through Medicare or Medicaid. The hospital could cancel the remaining $ 15,000.

The expenses incurred would be $ 25,000. But you would have paid a part of the total. An insurance company may assume that you are covered for the least amount and would not consider the expenses incurred. The worst part is that those incurred totals could go up depending on what you experience. You should notice what fits in when trying to manage a claim.

Consult A Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer For Help

The confusion and challenges surrounding paid and post-injury medical expenses can be frustrating. You can ask one of our injury attorneys to support your case. We will review your case and find a solution that works.

The Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers team at Los Abogados Luchadores will fight for the compensation you deserve. Your needs may vary, but our team of personal injury claims experts will provide a fair result.

David Sánchez, Esq.

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